Release notes Apr 3 - Apr 9 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon Mobile for Android, released some improvements to CloudClock QR code management, added some columns and filters to a couple of reports, and fixed a few issues.

Update to Mobile for Android

Replicon Mobile for Android is now available in the Play store. It includes the following improvements:

  • You can now search for tasks while offline
And fixes these issues:

  • If the system-level Reimburse column for expenses is disabled, all expenses are marked as not reimbursable when entered in the mobile app, whereas if they’re entered via the web app, they’re marked as reimbursable. We changed the mobile behavior to match the web app behavior.
  • In some cases, some clients are not available when creating an expense sheet
  • In some cases, if your session expires with unsynced punches, those punches don’t sync the next time you log in
  • In some scenarios, if a supervisor tries to submit a rejected timesheet, no comment box is available and they can't submit the timesheet
  • Expense entry options are grayed out when you add an expense against a project

Improvements to CloudClock QR Code management

This week we released the changes to QR code management for CloudClock users we previewed a few weeks back. If your employees user QR code authentication with a CloudClock, you can now:
  • Print currently-assigned codes without having to assign a new one
  • View assigned QR codes, on the Administration > Employees and Organization > Users page, or via the User report
  • Download assigned QR code images, if you want to create cards in another application
  • Export codes in digit form using the User report
Refer to Managing CloudClock QR codes for more information on this new functionality.


We’ve added the following to the Billing report template:
  • An Invoiceable column and filter – shows Yes or No, indicating whether the billing item can be invoiced in its current state
  • An Invoice Status column and filter – shows whether the invoiced status is set to Draft, Issued, Paid or Void
  • A Date of Issue column – shows the date when the invoice was marked as issued. Additional columns are available that show the day, week, month, etc, when the invoice was issued.
ProjectTaskUser, and Timesheet custom fields and filters are now available in our new Timesheet In/Out report template.

Fixed issues

  • The Timesheet Period Start and Timesheet Period End report schedule options only run once. We’ve removed these options; if you had a report set to one of these, it will now be set to Run Once explicitly.
  • If the Overlapping Entries validation rule is assigned to a timesheet template and the instance includes TimeOff Plus or TimeOff Enterprise, an error displays in timesheets with overlapping entries
  • For those using TimeAttend QuickStart, an error may occur when you reopen a timesheet because the Prevent changes to invoiced timesheets workflow condition is enabled in the timesheet template
  • Values for the Billable Utilization column in reports based on the Target Billable Hours template are rounded when they shouldn’t be
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