Release notes Apr 17 - Apr 23 2017

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This week, we updated Replicon CloudClock for iOS, added some report columns and a new pay rule, and fixed a number of issues.

Update to CloudClock for iOS

Replicon CloudClock for iOS is now available in the App Store. It includes the following improvements:

  • If you generate a new QR code for a user, their old QR code will no longer be accepted
  • Pending punches sync immediately when you move the app to the foreground, rather than after the next sync interval
And fixes the following issue:
  • In a rare case, unexpected punches showing validation errors appear

Changes to Project Estimated Cost and Expenses columns in reports

For clarity, we’ve appended (BC) to the names of the Project Estimated Cost and Project Estimated Expenses columns in all templates that include those columns, since they display values in your system’s base currency.

In the Project Progress template, we’ve added Project Estimated Cost and Project Estimated Expenses columns, which display the estimates in the currency they were entered in. These new columns will be added to the other affected templates shortly.

Note that these changes won’t impact the behavior of any custom columns or integrations you’ve created using these fields.

Weekly Overtime: Payable Timesheet Fields pay rule

We’ve added a new Weekly Overtime: Payable Timesheet Fields pay rule that allows you to pay a premium for hours entered in timesheet custom fields.

Typically, you would capture hours requiring premium pay against an activity and use the Weekly Overtime: Configurable Activities pay rule to apply the premium. This new rule is useful in special cases where activities cannot be used. For example, you may want to pay a premium for travel time but you don’t want the travel time to be included in project totals.

Fixed issues

  • If a timesheet includes time off that is waiting for you, when you approve the timesheet the time off is automatically approved on your behalf. However, if you edit the timesheet during the approval process, the time off is not automatically approved. We’ve addressed this scenario so the time off is approved in all cases.
  • If a report includes complex column grouping and totaling, it may fail to generate, or the downloaded file may be empty
  • When using the Activity/Project Required validation rule on the configurable timesheet, a validation error occurs when hours are converted to time off in lieu
  • In the Replicon Mobile app, an error occurs when viewing timesheets that are configured to support DCAA auditing
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