Release notes Apr 10 - Apr 16 2017

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This week we added support for billing projects to multiple clients. And soon we’ll be releasing an enhancement to project copying.

Multiple client billing

You can now bill a project to multiple clients, based on percentage splits you choose. There are two common cases for this type of split billing:

  • Joint ventures, like those used for large infrastructure projects

  • Internal billing, when a cost center bills other departments for work they perform

Now, when you allocate a percentage of a project’s costs among clients, billing items are generated from the approved hours based on each client’s assigned percentage.

For example, 70% of the cost of Project X is assigned to the Client A, and 30% is assigned to Client B. If $1000 is billed against the project, a $700 billing item will be available to add to Client A invoices, while a $300 billing item will be generated that you can add to Client B invoices.

This new functionality is available in:

  • New product suite: Professional Services Automation, TimeBill Plus

  • Legacy product suite: RepliconPSM, TimeBill

Updating task dates when copying a project

Beginning within the next few weeks, when you copy a project, you’ll be able to move its task dates so they stay in sync relative to the new project’s start date; each task’s start and end dates will move the same number of days as the project’s start date. Currently, if you copy tasks, they retain their original dates.

Here’s an example of how this feature will work:

  • Imagine a project that has a start date of Jan 1, with tasks that begin on Jan 1, Jan 8, and Jan 11

  • You copy this project, electing to copy and move its tasks, and assign the new project a start date of Mar 1

  • The new project’s tasks will start on Mar 1, Mar 8, and Mar 11

  • If you move it to start on Mar 15, the tasks will start on Mar 15, Mar 22, and Mar 25

This new feature can help save you time and effort when creating a new project, or can help you start over on an existing project that is behind schedule.

This new feature will be available in:

  • New product suite: Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management, TimeBill Plus, TimeBill QuickStart, TimeCost Plus

  • Legacy product suite: RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, TimeBill, TimeCost

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