Product Update - September 2017

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Upcoming Feature:

Shift scheduling usability improvements

When a schedule manager is assigning shifts, they often work using trial and error, moving shift assignments until they ‘see’ the combination that works.

We’re adding some functionality to Replicon that will make it much easier to move shifts around, to find the perfect combination of shift assignments and ensure complete coverage.

Schedule managers will be able to:

  • Drag and drop individual shifts from one employee and date to another, without having to first delete then recreate the entry
  • Drag and drop a pattern of shifts to a new location
  • Move a pattern of shifts that includes a blank cell (e.g. a day with no shift assigned)
  • Extend a shift or shift pattern vertically or horizontally to assign it to new users or days
  • Remove a group of shifts in a single step
  • Zoom in and out, to get a broad view of the schedule, or a more granular view, as required
  • Filter employees by skill, so managers can quickly find the employees who have the right skills to work particular shifts
We'll also be launching a Shift Assignment report, so schedule managers can easily find all shifts in the system that aren't assigned.

These changes will make scheduling employees faster and less frustrating, and will also help to improve productivity, since it will be easier to match shift requirements to employees skills.

Major Feature Launched Last Month:

Payroll Workbench

Payroll management can be a pain. It’s one of those annoying tasks that every company needs to carry out on a regular basis, that needs to be done exactly right every time.

While we can’t make payroll management go away, we at Replicon have been working hard to make payroll preparation faster, easier, more accurate, and less of a headache.

The result is our Payroll Workbench, a brand new platform within Replicon where you can collect, review, and process pay data. With this tool, we’ve tried to solve some of the most common problems payroll managers encounter:

  • Errors caused by use of multiple systems and spreadsheets
  • With the Payroll Workbench, everything's in one location, so managers can view all pay data in real-time, as soon as employees enter it. This holistic view allows managers to review data regularly leading up to payroll, and avoid encountering issues at the last minute, after integration with a third-party time entry system.
  • Poor visibility into data
  • The Payroll Workbench interface allows managers to trace and drill down into data anomalies, so they know exactly how pay totals were reached. We’re also planning to add audit capabilities, so customers can easily trace each pay run's status history.
  • Issues with handling late exceptions and adjustments
  • The Payroll Workbench allows you to freeze pay runs, and review any changes made afterwards as adjustments for inclusion in later pay runs, so last minute changes can’t sneak through without being reviewed.
  • Having to format each exported file to work with their payroll vendor
  • We offer a few common formats out of the box, and can create just about any custom format customers require, minimizing the custom formatting needed.

Please see the release notes for detailed information on the Payroll Workbench. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support to learn how to enable new features in your current environment.
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