Product Update - October 2017

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Upcoming Feature:

Billing Contracts

If you’re carrying out work for a client, you probably have a formal agreement on how they’ll pay you. For some companies, the contract is simple, like, pay us $100 for each hour we work on your project.

But, billing arrangements are often more complicated than that. For example:

  • Some customers want to bill clients whenever a project milestone is reached
  • Others want to bill a fixed amount for projects, with any overrun billed at an hourly rate
  • Still others need to automatically add a markup to expenses they bill to their clients
Ideally, your billing system can make all of your billing calculations for you, however complicated your billing agreement, so billable items are neatly generated for invoicing with no messy manual interventions required.

At Replicon, we’re currently working on that ideal solution. It’s called Billing Contracts.

This feature will allow you to:

  • Bill clients based on your business needs, not on your billing system’s limitations
  • Bill based on complex scenarios, including the cases mentioned above
  • Use out of the box billing contracts, or build your own contracts using building blocks called contract clauses. If you have morecomplicated needs, we can create customized clauses and contracts to meet your requirements.
  • Choose what will trigger billable items to be created, such as project or task completion, or a manual prompt
  • Assign contracts from your global contract library on a per project basis, so each project can be billed differently
  • For each new project, choose to either use Replicon’s existing billing functionality or use a billing contract

Major Feature Launched Last Month:

Replicon Mobile usability improvements

If any task needs to be easy, it’s time entry and approval. 

After all, your team needs to record time often, maybe even multiple times per day. And, managers use that data for mission-critical, time-sensitive tasks like generating payroll and invoicing clients. So everyone benefits if employees don’t view time entry as a chore to be avoided at all costs.

But the eternal question is, how can we make time entry and approval easier?

For many companies, using our Replicon Mobile app is part of the solution, since it allows employees to add and approve time on the go, while work details are fresh in their minds.

And we’ve recently sweetened the deal, by adding some features to our mobile app that make time entry and approval even easier:

  • Approvals from within push notifications - Now approvers don’t need to navigate to the app if they receive notice that items are awaiting their approval, they can simply tap approval buttons within the notification, turning a multiple-step task into one, easy step.
  • App Shortcuts - These shortcuts appear when you tap and hold the Replicon Mobile icon. They take you directly to your key task screens, saving you effort and brain-power so you can use it for more important things.
  • Prepopulation of company and user names using Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) - Inability to log into the app is a common problem that’s easily solved by pre-populating user credentials. Pre-population is especially useful when onboarding employees – new hires will be able to start using the app quickly and painlessly, and your tech support team will thank you.
  • Chat with Support from within the mobile app - If you need help while using the app and you’re away from your desk, you can now resolve your issues quickly by starting a chat session with our Support team from within Replicon Mobile.

Please see the release notes for detailed information on the Replicon Mobile improvements. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support to learn how to enable new features in your current environment.
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