Product Update - May 2017

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Major Feature Launched Last Month:

Improvements to CloudClock QR code management

Replicon CloudClock is a time clock app for iOS. It integrates seamlessly with Replicon’s cloud application, and offers hassle-free updates along with simple, centralized clock monitoring.

Employees typically use QR cards to log into CloudClock, then punch in and out for shifts and breaks, check their schedules, or book time off. QR cards – together with the clock’s photo audit trail – discourage buddy punching.

Last month, we released some changes to make managing CloudClock QR codes easier:

  • Codes now display on the User list page and in the User report template - This improvement allows you to easily see who has a code assigned and who doesn’t, making assigning codes and printing cards less frustrating.
  • You can now export QR codes in PNG and digit format - Previously, customers with very specific card requirements had to hack the card PDFs to generate custom cards. Access to QR code images and digits allows them to more easily create custom cards.
  • You can now use a currently-assigned code when reprinting a card - In the past, if a QR card was damaged and you had to print a new card, you were forced to assign the employee a new code. Now, you can choose to keep the old QR code, which makes codes easier to manage.
  • You can unassign a QR code from a user - Occasionally, an employee will change departments and stop using the CloudClock. Being able to unassign a code helps ensure those who shouldn’t have access to CloudClock, don’t.

Upcoming Feature:

Mass edit project info

In an upcoming release, we’ll be allowing project managers to edit information for multiple projects at once, from within the Replicon interface. You’ll be able to edit most fields from the Project Info dialog, including custom fields, plus the project status.

This feature will be useful anytime a project manager needs to update a field to use the same value in multiple projects. For example, you might use this feature when:

  • Assigning a new project manager - If a project manager leaves your organization or their responsibilities change, their projects need to be re-assigned quickly. Mass edit functionality will allow you to re-assign a batch of projects to a new manager in a single step.
  • Mass updating project status - Managers who own many projects will often update their projects’ statuses en masse. They might move a set of projects from Completed to Archived status, or start a batch of projects at once by marking them as In-Progress.
  • Mass changing project start and end dates - In larger companies, sets of projects sometimes need to start at the same time. This feature will allow managers to move the start and end dates for a group of projects all at once.
  • Updating projects’ custom data - Project custom fields are used for many things – one example is to associate a cost center code with a project. If you need to update a custom value for multiple projects, this new feature will help.

Please see the release notes for detailed information on QR cards. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support to learn how to enable new features in your current environment.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Great new about the Mass edit project.  I & other Customers have been waiting over 2 years for this happen. Cannot wait to use, will make life  so much easier

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PS Do we know when this is actually going to be available?