Product Update - March 2017

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Major Feature Launched Last Month:

New report filters

To help our customers understand their data better, last month we added four new filters to Replicon report templates:

  • A Data to Display filter in our Task, Time, Expense, Cost & Billing report
  • A Modified On filter in our Timesheet Corrections report, and
  • Target Year and Target Month filters to our Target Billable Hours report
Here are some examples of the value these filters can provide:

  • Imagine you’re a payroll manager looking for a single timesheet that was corrected in a report spanning hundreds of lines. The Modified On filter becomes a huge asset, saving you valuable time spent scanning the report.
  • Or consider a project manager trying to get a handle on what tasks his resources are working on. But, the data he needs is masked by a sea of blank cells for tasks users aren’t working on. Our new Data to Display filter can help him choose exactly what data he needs and filter out the distractions.
Replicon offers 30 report templates, some that offer upwards of 20 filters, and we’re always adding new filters when the need arises -- to save our customers time and frustration, and to make their data meaningful.

Upcoming Feature:

Client Approvals

You are a professional services firm and have been hired to provide a service. Your client wants to review and approve project hours to ensure they match their expectations, while you want to make sure there are no surprises when you’re ready to bill for the project.

So you consider the alternatives.

You could print timesheets and send them to the client. But, there’s private and confidential information on timesheets that you’d need to hide -- which could become painful if you have to send regular updates.

Or maybe you could give the client access to your system? But is there an easy way to do that without exposing project details you don’t want to share?

In the next couple of months, we’ll be adding a client approver feature to our new product suite* that solves this problem, simply and elegantly.

Client approvers will be able to:

  • Log in to Replicon and approve timesheets for projects they are assigned to
  • View data for their projects only, and no other data
  • Be notified when timesheets are waiting for their approval
  • Approve time using the Replicon Mobile app
So, your client will have easy access to the data they need, while you’ll know that your data is secure and safe within the system.

*Note that this functionality is already available to those using Standard timesheets in our legacy products.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support to learn how to enable new features in your current environment.
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