Product Update - February 2017

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Major Feature Launched Last Month:

Mandatory Custom Fields, a Timesheet Validation Rule

Timesheets are important. Companies use them to gather data used in all kinds of business-critical functions – payroll, client billing, project costing, budgeting and forecasting, labor law compliance, staff resourcing, audit preparedness, and productivity tracking, to name just a few.

So, the integrity of timesheet data matters. In the best case scenario, an error will cost a company time to track down and fix. In the worst case, errors aren’t found and then have downstream consequences to those critical business functions.

The goal of all timesheet validation rules is to keep data valid. Replicon comes pre-packaged with over a dozen validation rules that check for common errors. There are the basic rules:

  • Hours-based rules that check hours entered fall into the expected daily, weekly, or schedule limits
  • Date restrictions that ensure time entries fall between start and end dates for users and projects
  • Punch validations that confirm every In time has an Out time and that there aren’t any overlapping segments
But we also offer rules that do more than just ensure data integrity. For example:

  • Meal Break Enforcement helps ensure companies stay compliant with the break laws of their jurisdiction
  • Project/Task Estimates helps prevent cost over-runs by warning employees when hours entered are approaching the hours estimate for that project/task
And, last month we added a new timesheet validation rule – Mandatory Custom Fields. Similar to our Project/Task Required rule, it ensures employees complete custom fields that appear on their timesheets. This not only helps keep timesheet data valid, but it also allows companies to leverage custom fields for collection of critical data, like the shift worked, work location, or number of calls made in a shift.

We regularly add new pre-defined rules that are configurable for all Plus-level customers. For companies with more specific needs, our Enterprise-level products allow for full customization of rules.

Upcoming Feature:

Pay rates table

When it comes to paying employees, no single model fits all companies. While many companies associate each employee with a single pay rate, other organizations use more complex criteria to determine pay.

In the latter case, pay may be based on factors such as:

  • The activity the employee performs while working
  • The shift they work, or
  • Custom options they select when submitting their time
For example, a professional mover might be paid a variable rate depending on activity – they might make $13 an hour when moving, but $16 an hour if they’re driving a moving truck. To further complicate things, the mover’s pay may also vary based on custom factors, such as whether or not they’re supervising other movers.

To help our customers handle cases like the mover’s that are too complex for pay rules or custom fields alone, we’re building a pay rates table into Replicon. This table will work in coordination with pay rules and will allow customers to:

  • Base pay on multiple criteria
  • Easily define and view all pay combinations that are used in their organization
  • Update and maintain pay rates as they change over time
  • Associate all rate changes with effective dates

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how to enable new features in your current environment or for more information on customization of validation rules.
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