Product Update - August 2017

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Upcoming Feature:

Improvements to our configurable timesheet

At Replicon, we’re committed to making our platform as flexible as possible, so it can handle a broad range of business process requirements without the need for custom programming.

To this end, one of our areas of focus is the enhancement of our timesheet formats – to improve their usability and to ensure useful functionality from our legacy systems is available in newer formats.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding these improvements to configurable timesheets:

  • Enhanced task selection – You’ll be able to search for projects, clients (or programs), and tasks in one step, rather than selecting each in succession. Plus, you’ll no longer have to click No Task when selecting a project with no tasks to enter time against.
  • Timesheet-level custom fields – This feature will let you collect custom data that applies to the timesheet as a whole, rather than to a specific row or cell.
  • Task progress bars – You’ll have the option of including graph on distribution grid timesheets that shows the total hours completed on each task that displays as a fraction of the estimated hours for the task, so resources and approvers are more aware of the status of work that’s underway.
  • Comments view for supervisors – This new component will let those approving or reviewing data in a user’s distribution grid timesheet see any comments entered, without having to mouse over each cell.

Major Feature Launched Last Month:

Activity-based pay rates

Imagine you manage an orchestra and your musicians are paid different rates for different types of work. For example, you might pay violists $65/hr for rehearsals and $80/hr for concert performances. And, perhaps their pay rate is even higher when they’re the featured soloist for a concert.

How would you ensure musicians are always being paid the correct rate? And how would you keep track of these sorts of variable rates as they change over time?

Replicon’s new activity-based pay rates feature was designed to solve these sorts of problems. In fact, our new feature can make variable pay rates almost as easy to manage as fixed rates.

With this new feature, you associate each rate that a user can be paid with an activity or a timesheet custom field value. Then, when the employee records time against one of those activities or custom values in their timesheet or through punching, they’ll be paid at the rate the activity or value is linked to.

This feature is highly flexible – virtually any condition can determine a rate, such as:

  • The location of work
  • The degree of risk involved
  • The time of day worked
  • Whether or not the employee worked as a supervisor
Note that you will need a custom pay rule before you can use this feature, since you’ll need to define custom behavior, like how overtime should be handled.

Please see the release notes for detailed information on activity-based pay rates. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support to learn how to enable new features in your current environment.
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