Modern-day time punching with CloudClock

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When I think of the term ‘time clock’, I image those old black and white photos of factory workers lined up in their coveralls, waiting to get a little hole punched into their time card by a giant machine.

You may be surprised to learn that time clocks – or their modern-day equivalent – are still commonly used to record employee hours worked, especially for hourly employees.

But times have changed, and time clocks have changed – quite radically.

Take Replicon’s CloudClock.

CloudClock is an app, installed on an iPad, that acts as a time clock. Employees punch in and out, recording the time they started work, ended work, and took breaks. They can even choose a project or task to record time against, if they’re assigned those.

CloudClock syncs seamlessly with the Replicon web and mobile apps, so all recorded hours are instantly available for approval, editing, and use in things like billing or payroll. 

CloudClock’s advantages over old-fashioned time clocks are clear:

  • The clock can be configured to take a picture with each punch, to deter buddy punching
  • Employees can authenticate using a login name, QR card, or via facial recognition
  • CloudClocks can be configured to use features like punch rounding, punch validation rules, and auto-submission of punch timesheets
  • Administrators can remotely monitor things, like each clock’s online status, using the web app
  • Replicon automatically updates clocks when we make improvements, with no downtime required, so you’re always using the best version of the clock available
If you’re interested in learning more about CloudClock, refer to the Punching and CloudClock section in Replicon’s help. Or, watch our CloudClock videos, for administrators and end users.
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