Moderators not replying to questions in the community!

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I've posted few ideas, and questions on ideas posted by others, but never got a reply back from a Product manger, or the moderators.

Not very happy with the customer service provided.

We as a customer, if we bring ideas, they should be looked at seriously as we are the one who are using the product, and if we are having pain points, we want them to be fixed.

For example:

In Resource Forecast, if I switch from Monthly entries, to Weekly entries, I won't be able to enter the total hours, instead, I am limited to % or hr/day!! That's a big limiting factor for us as we resource per week and I want to be able to put 2 total hours per week, instead of putting .4 hr/day!!

Also, the percentage slide bar, why it's not linked to any report? and it should show in the actual projects view so you can view projects progress from one view.

It will be also good to include projects health status checks, like, Cost, Resources, Schedule with Red, Yellow, Green options. That should tie to the reports and the full projects view as well.

Bottom line, if you are developing a product for project managers, then you need to get their feedback seriously as they are the one who are the Subject Matter Experts on Project Management, and they are providing you feedback of what needs to improve.

I hope this message will reach the highest levels within Replicon management as something needs to be done to improve the product!
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Ahmed AlTaie

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Posted 4 years ago

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Isaiah Madem, Community Moderator

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Hi Ahmed, 

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience which may have caused. I regret to hear that you are unhappy with our service. 

We at Replicon put in every effort to make our customers happy and implement the feedbacks we receive. However, sometimes the requests we receive are complex and it takes a great amount of time to implement them within the speculated time. I assure that all our customer feedback never go unheard.

I shall re-review all your request and get back to you with further updates.


Isaiah Madem
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Ahmed AlTaie

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Hi Isaiah,
Many thanks for your prompt reply, and appreciate your efforts to look into this.

Also please note that we do have an account manager that we met with several months back, and he took our issues and was supposed to get back to us.

I understand somethings are complicated and may require time to implement, but coming from the software development industry, we expect things to be addressed in a faster pace and at least being transparent and provide continuous feedback. If the idea can't be implemented, then we would like to know. If it can be implemented, then we need to know that it's already been accepted as a user story in the product backlog and will be pulled into an upcoming sprint.

It's all about communication Isaiah.
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Aashnee Kamboj

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HI Ahmed,

We do believe, that your account manager had got in touch with one of your company administrators regarding the concerns. As for the Community Idea considerations, we do ensure you that we will take up your feedback and will do the best to enhance the product in the similar direction.

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Ahmed AlTaie

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Hi Aashnee,
I did got contacted about a month ago after I put my post; however, nothing had happened since then. Some of the features, or enhancements that are really hindering our productivity are very easy to implement. We really wish that this is taken seriously.

I am ready to discuss this with the product manager, or developers again to give them the details of the features that can be implemented easily and give us quick wins in the short term.