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‘Tis the season when many people are thinking (dreaming?) about  time off.

But if you administer time off for your employees, you probably don’t want to be thinking about their time off any more than you have to.

You know how time off accruals can be easily managed in Replicon, but we also offer a few other features that help make managing time off hassle-free.

  • Anniversary-based accrual policies
    If you have set accrual policies, like an extra week of time off with every five years of employment, you can set up all of the policies a user will ever need all at once!
  • Offset start dates for time off policies
    Maybe time off doesn’t come into effect for an employee until they’ve worked three months; in that case, you can use this feature to automatically start the policy on schedule, while keeping all policies synced with the user’s start date.

  • Time off validation rules
    Yes, validation rules can seem... yawn-inducing. But, if you think of all the time they save – correcting errors, chasing after people – they’re actually kind of unsung heroes.

    We currently offer 18 varieties out of the box, including ones that prevent balance overdraw, and ones that limit when time off can be taken, and how much time can be booked off.
  • Expiry rules
    You could just let employees accumulate time off forever, but that can make for a big liability. Why not think about having time off days expire instead? You could offer a 3 month grace period for using up last year’s vacation time. We offer starting balance, accrual, and limitation expiry rules.

    And, bonus, employees can be automatically notified about expiring time off, so you don’t have to hound them about taking their vacation.

  • Custom rules for your time off policies
    And of course, if our default rules don’t quite fit off the rack, we can always easily and affordably tailor them to your company’s unique requirements.
So make sure you're making use of all features that might help you manage time off. After all, you deserve a break, too.
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