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Approving items can be a pain, so it makes sense to ensure items that don't need to be looked at aren't sent for approval.

But at the same time, you want to be sure items that do require approval are sent to all the right people, are approved quickly, and that approvers can't see data they shouldn't have access to.

All of this means you need to be a bit strategic when setting up approvals.

Here's a quick run-down of options for configuring timesheet, time off, and expense approvals in Replicon, that can help you meet your requirements.

Conditional approvals

This option is the granddaddy (or grandmammy) of them all when it comes to approval configurability. We offer enterprise customers a few out of the box conditional rules – such as skipping approval based on the value of an item. But, we can also create conditional rules that meet just about any requirement.

Specified vs role-based approval

Often, timesheets and other items are approved by a user's supervisor or project manager – what we call role-based approval. This means you don't have to reassign approvers when supervisors change, and project managers see only data that relates to their projects.

But in some cases, it makes more sense for a specific, named individual to approve some items. For example, you might appoint a specific accountant in your company to approve all expenses.

Multiple approvers

Some items need to be approved by multiple individuals, so Replicon supports both simultaneous approval, and in-sequence approval, in all approval paths.

Client approvers

If a client want to approve hours for their projects, you can set them up as a client approver with limited access to Replicon. They'll be able to see and approve hours for their projects only, with all other hours hidden.

Skipping approval of specific projects

Each project has a Skip Project Manager approval check box you can enable if that project doesn't need the PM's approval – say, if you have a project for admin work that doesn't need to be approved.

Time off type-specific approval paths

In each time off approval path, you can set up alternate paths for any time off type you choose. So, if vacation time needs to be approved by an admin as well as the user's supervisor, you can set up a special path for that, while allowing all other types to follow the default path you set up. Or, you can add no approvers for a type, and bookings of that type won’t be sent for approval.

Approval notifications

These are pretty much a given when you're setting up approvals, but they're worth mentioning since they're so critical. Notifications, sent through email or as push notifications, alert users when items are awaiting approval, or when they're due for submission. This helps ensure items are available when they’re needed, for activities like payroll and billing.

You can find more information about all of these options by searching 'approvals' at
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