How to list all TimeOffApprovalStatus and TimeOffStatus objects, including display name and URI?

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Where can I view the list of TimeOffApprovalStatus and TimeOffStatus objects, including the display name and URI for each object?


I am looking into TimeOffListService1. Valid fields include TimeOffApprovalStatus and TimeOffStatus. I am trying to understand what the range of values for those fields are.


1. Finding a service for fetching these

I tried finding a relevant list service to fetch values for those fields, but there appears to be none.

I believe this is because they are a fixed list in the system, rather than something configurable. (This contrasts with ProjectStatusService1, which does let you configure the available statuses.) But since all references are by URI, I still need to be able to dump the list in order to get the URIs in order to filter TimeOff objects by a specific status.

2. Using autocomplete with a filter

The test query builder has great autocomplete for fields, so I hoped it would for filter fields, as well. It turns out it does not, so this was a dead end.

3. Searching the Help docs

Since this is a fixed element of the system, I hoped to find documentation on the various objects. I did not find any.

4. Looking in the Web UI

This did give me a list of the display names of what I believe are all available statuses, but:

- I don't know if these display names are for the TimeOffApprovalStatus or the TimeOffStatus

- I don't know the URIs that correspond to these display names

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Sherman, Jeremy,

Yeah the list is fixed in the system rather than configured. You can get the uri and display text from the list service depends upon time off approval status if you add the column.

Approval Status
urn:replicon:approval-status:open Not Submitted
urn:replicon:approval-status:waiting Waiting for Approval
urn:replicon:approval-status:approved Approved

Time off Status

urn:replicon:time-off-booking-status:open Not Submitted
urn:replicon:time-off-booking-status:waiting Waiting For Approval
urn:replicon:time-off-booking-status:approved Approved
urn:replicon:time-off-booking-status:rejected Rejected
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled What is the difference between TimeOffStatus and TimeOffApprovalStatus? What do t....

I see that a TimeOff object has two distinct fields:

- TimeOffStatus
- TimeOffApprovalStatus

I do not understand what these two statuses mean, though. For example, what would it mean to have a TimeOff object with:

- TimeOffStatus: Approved
- TimeOffApprovalStatus: Rejected

If you could explain the lifecycle of these status fields - how they start out when a TimeOff is created, and what actions can change each of them separately - that would clear this right up!