How to Create an Email Distribution List with all active users?

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Product/Platform: Quick Start, Replicon Plus or Replicon Enterprise.

Product Area: Timesheets, Resource Management, Reports, Notifications


If you are looking to create an email distribution list using the email address present in Replicon user profiles, which can be used to send email to all the active users.

We will use a simple excel formula to create a distribution list:

Follow the steps below to create an email distribution list.

1) Login to Replicon with Administration / Supervisor access 

2) Click on Reports 

3) From the Left menu option click on User and Select User Details

4) Click on Settings and select User Name and User Email from Predefined Columns

5) Click on Done

6) Under Filter Settings Select Enabled for User Status

7) Click on Run Report

8) Click on the Excel Icon next to "Save a Copy" Button

9) Open the Downloaded Excel Sheet and enter the formula =CONCATENATE(A2,";",A3,";",A4) in the desired cell to display results 

Here, ‘A2, A3 and A4’ are the cells with the users email address. While joining these three strings, they should be separated by a ; and that’s why in the formula we have used ";" in between ‘A2, A3 and A4’ which separates in the email address in your email client.


The joined items can be text, numbers, cell references or a combination of these.

Syntax of Concatenate:

The syntax of this function is as follows:

=Concatenate(text_1, text_2, Text_N)

Here ‘TEXT_1’, ‘TEXT_2’ and ‘TEXT_N’ are strings which are to be combined.

You could also use a '&' Function to combine 2 cells 

Another way to merge strings in excel is by using “&” operator. Actually, this method can come very handy when you have to join only a few strings. But if you are planning to use this method for concatenating several strings, then it can be quite cumbersome as it doesn’t give you the ease of actual Concatenate Function.

Here, we will use a formula: =A2&";"&A3&";"&A4

‘A2, A3 and A4’ cell contain the person’s email address

This formula is similar to: =CONCATENATE(A2,";",A3,";",A4)

Here, A2, A3 and A4 represent the email address. While joining these three strings, they should be separated by a space “;” and that’s why in the formula we have used a ";" in between 'A2' 'A3' & 'A4' as ; is used to separate email address in your Email client.


Some Important points about Concatenate Function:

A single Concatenate formula can be used for concatenating 255 strings.

  1. Concatenate formula requires at-least 1 string as argument, to work. 
  2. It results into a #VALUE! error if any one of the arguments is invalid. For example: =CONCATENATE(A2:C2) results into an error. 
Note: Notice that concatenate formula doesn’t leaves space in between two words itself.

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