Hourly bill rates on fixed-price projects

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On fixed-price projects, we would like to be able to assign hourly rates to the team members, so that we can track the actual applied revenue versus planned. Currently, the system does not allow assigning bill rates to team members on fixed-price projects.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Lingaraj Dharwad, Product Champion

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Hi Anthony,

Thank you for sharing your idea. 

Our PM team will review the same.

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Lingaraj Dharwad, Product Champion

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Hi All,

I have got an update from the PM team that this idea is currently not planned but we will consider the same during future planning sessions. 

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-, Morri Young

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This is the main feature we would need, so if its not planned, then its a major problem for us.
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Lingaraj Dharwad, Product Champion

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Hi Morri,

When we say its Not Planned does not mean that it won't be considered. It means that it can't be accommodated on the current roadmap. During the next roadmap planning all the ideas will be revisited.

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Hi, this is a feature we're looking for as well.  When would it be on your roadmap?
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Peter Flinn

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Has this been added to Replicon yet?
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Aashnee Kamboj, Community Moderator

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Hi Peter,

This was something that was not planned. However, I have put this forward to my Product Management team for re-review. In case of any updated we will post the same on this thread.

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Anne-Marie Brennan

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Hi All,

We are currently testing the new Cloud based Gen 3 product and are very disappointed that this has not been addressed despite requests from clients earlier than 1 year ago.  We really need to be able to assign consultant rates to fixed price projects in order to measure our project burn rate and profitability. 

Hoping the priority increases with another request.  Please advise when this will be implemented.  Really hoping it is very soon.

Anne-Marie Brennan

Data Agility Melbourne

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Meyer, Philipp

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+1 -> we would need this feature as well!
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Hayen, Robert

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Hi Replicon and Replicon users,
I'll add my name to asking for this feature - like many others (if not every other organisation, then certainly very many!) we run fixed price projects with an hourly billing rate because this is typically how fixed price projects are run. We calculate a fixed price based on a T&M estimate with premiums for eg risk - hence it is critical to know how much in $ we have run up against a project vs milestones. Without this we would not use this feature, and will manage our financials for fixed price projects outside of Replicon.
Kind regards,
Robert Hayen
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Holmes, Jamie

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Hi all, Happy to add my company to this list of people who really need this - we have been bodging the system for the last 4 years and this is just getting worse as our company grows - telling all my team that they MUST NOT use the Fixed Bid setting for fixed bid projects is a joke - but that is what we have to do as we need to track the project burn rate and record WIP in accounts based on a notional day rate - it is essential and I cannot understand why Replicon think that it is not. Please can we have this feature.
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I can add my company to the list of people looking for a fixed price tracking solution (i.e., actual hours at normal bill rates to compare against the milestone billings/invoices sent to the client).
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I would also like to add my company to the list of who would find this feature useful.