Five fun facts about permissions

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It seems like a good time to talk about limits on what you can do and where you can go.

So, let’s take a peek under the hood, and discover five fun facts about permissions in Replicon.

#1 Permissions are highly configurable

One hallmarks of Replicon is extreme flexibility. And our permissions are no exception to this approach.

We have over 500 individual permissions (yes, I counted) available across our products, so you have fine-grain control over what each of your users can see and do.

But new customers need not worry – we ship with a standard set of permissions enabled by default, so you might not have to change a thing.

#2 Permissions apply to reports

Yes, permissions do apply to reports, and to any other features that allow users to access or modify data (like dashboards and imports).

So, for example, if an end user with Report User permission and no other roles assigned looks at a timesheet report, they can see only their own data.

#3 Permissions are assigned via role-based sets

There are up to 12 types of permission sets available in Replicon, depending on what products you’re using. There’s one for each role – administrator, supervisor, etc.

You can create as many permission sets as you want for each type, so you can have several variations for each role, each with its own abilities. However, each user can only be assigned one set per role.

#4 Some permissions are implicit

Each check box within a permission set represents an explicit permission.

But, some permissions are applied just by virtue of having a permission set assigned. We call these implicit permissions.

For example, all users with a Project Resource permission can be assigned to projects; there’s no “Can work on projects” check box.

#5 Permissions aren’t the only things that define what users can do

There are a few other things in Replicon that define what a user can see and do. These include:

Refer to Setting up permissions for more information.
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