Feature needed to pre-approve overtime before staff log the OT . Currently can only reject OT that was not approved after the submission

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New feature needed to pre-approve overtime before staff log the OT hours. Currently can only reject OT that was not approved after the submission.  Request:
Customer/Corporation wants to pre - approve overtime hours similar to how an employee requests vacation approvals.  This would need to be not for a specific day, but a senior supervisor pre-approve for example 10 hours OT to be accomplished in a specific week(s), and the employee can only submit OT hours up to 10 hours.  If the employee only worked 5 hours for example, they would get paid 5.  If the employee tries to submit 12 hours the system would not let them because they were not pre-approved to do so.  Currently, we need to work around this by tracking OT via Spreadsheet systems and then cross reference when the supervisor decides to approve the timesheet (after the work is already done is when we could reject it, but not fair to the employee).
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Rick,

Thankyou for using Replicon Community!

Yes, this indeed seems like a valid idea. I have put this across to my Product Management team and will have them confirm if this is something that is already in talks or plans

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Another good workaround is to track OT approval as a Time Off request. Create a new Time Off Type and have users submit it beforehand. Once approved they can just add hours on the timesheet as normal.

In theory, if you submitted the correct number of hours for the right day, the math would add up (i.e. 8 hours normal work + 2 hours of time off). Your OT Rule may need to be modified to add this time off to factor into the OT calc.

If the hours requested aren't correct (i.e. you worked more than approved) then procedural the supervisor/admin can either edit/reject the extra hours or leave them as is since you were only approved for X number of OT hours.
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Hi Rick,

I can see the need for this - it's something we've heard from other customers. It's not currently on our medium-term list, so I'll mark it as Not Planned, but we'll re-review as we make future plans,.