FAQ's on Replicon Cloud Service move to Amazon web services

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Replicon Inc is committed to better serve you and improve our business processes, we are implementing a significant upgrade to our Replicon Cloud services. During this upgrade process our Replicon cloud services will be moved to Amazon Web Service.                                                                  
This upgrade will be finished in a phased approach and it would be a scheduled upgrade, prior notification will be sent to your company Replicon Administrators or primary account contacts.

Below are some FAQ’s and troubleshooting’s related to this upgrade: 

1. Why is Replicon Cloud Service moving to Amazon Web Services?

Below are some of the key benefits of this change:

I. You’ll gain the benefits of a robust and innovative feature set

II. Ability to seamlessly scale our resources as your needs grow

III. Multi-layer redundancy 

IV. A global infrastructure, allowing us to host your instance closest to your geographical location

2. How would this upgrade impact us?

After this transition, your Replicon instance, will be hosted on new infrastructure, hence the existing application link (end-point) would change. This change would impact the Single Sign-on, Integrations or Customizations and Firewall or Security rules, if configured to access your Replicon application. However, updating your current configuration (if any) would void any impact. 

3. Would this change impact our existing login flow (method) to Replicon?

No, this change wouldn’t impact your existing login flow to Replicon. You can continue to login from https://login.replicon.com or use the login link provided by your company's Administrator/IT.

4. Would this change impact mobile app users?

Post this move, it is advised that mobile app users should re-login into the app to get the updated changes. 

Follow the steps mentioned below: 

- Log out of the mobile application (iOS & Android)


- Confirm log out

- Click on the back arrow

- Now, login again

4. How to identify your Replicon application end-point link?

Below are the different ways to identify your end-point link: 

a. Refer to the Replicon Cloud Service Upgrade mail communication.

b. You can identify your Replicon end-point link, by logging in to your Replicon application. Post successful login your Replicon end-point should be shown. For example, if your link is https://na5.replicon.com/<;companyname>, then NA5 is your end-point.

c. Contact Replicon Support

5. How to update configuration for this change?

Please refer to the below instruction based on your set-up to access Replicon:

1. Single Sign-on (Your Replicon application authentication type)

a. SAML 1.1: Locate and modify the “ServiceProviderURL” value to “https://global.replicon.com/!/saml/<companykey>”  


Existing value:  https://na2.replicon.com/a/saml.ashx?"/cid=<companykey>

New Value: https://global.replicon.com/!/saml/<companykey> 

For details on SAML 1.1 configuration, please refer: Setting up SAML 1.1 for Replicon

b. SAML 2.0: You should update the Service Provider Sign-on link used to login to Replicon and there wouldn’t be any impact if your using Identity Provider link. 

Example to update the Service Provider link: 

Existing link: https://na2.replicon.com/!/saml2/CompanyKey/sp-sso/post

New Link: https://global.replicon.com/!/saml2/CompanyKey/sp-sso/post

c. Google/Intuit: No changes are required at your end. 

2. Integrations or Customizations 

a. Using Replicon Integration manager for QuickBooks Integration 

- Launch the Replicon Integration manager for QuickBooks

- On the Replicon Security Login window,

- Input the Replicon Host as https://na3.replicon.com (refer to step 4 to find out your end-point), there would be no change in Company Name, Login name or the Password fields.

3. Using Custom application/Integration tool to access Replicon

- We have already updated our custom application/tool provided to our customers, hence there are no changes required from your end. If any changes are needed, we will communicate accordingly.

4. Using your own 3rd party application/Integration tool

- Identity and modify your code or application to
access Replicon to its new end-point. Refer to Determining
your endpoint

5. Firewall or Security policies/rules 

- Kindly reach out to your IT/Security team and request them to whitelist *replicon.com domain. It's applicable to both web browsing and e-mail access.

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