Department, employee type, and timesheet period upgrades available! Come and get ‘em!

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A couple of feature upgrades are available now. So take a look, and see if these changes might be useful to you.

Effective dates when assigning department and employee type fields to users

After upgrade, you’ll be able to specify exactly when a change in department or employee type occurs, and retain a history of assignments for these fields.

Effective dates can useful for things like ensuring exact department matches when selecting who to pay via the Payroll Workbench.

More flexible timesheet periods

The new timesheet periods offer everything the old ones did, but allow for assignment of no timesheet, so you can more easily manage leaves of absence.

Ability to limit access by department and employee type

This feature applies to enterprise customers only, who can use groups to limit which users administrators, supervisors, and other managers have access to.

With this upgrade, departments and employee types become groups, so you can give managers access to only certain departments or employee types. Benefits of this include:

  • Improved data security

  • Greater flexibility

  • Fewer errors

And, the ability to:

  • Limit which users display in time off calendars

  • Target notifications by group


While the vast majority of our customers qualify for this upgrade, there are a couple of limitations, including the following:

  • New departments and employee types don’t support custom fields

  • Some column and filter settings aren’t currently retained

  • Some customizations involving departments, employee types, or timesheet periods may require enhancement before upgrade

If you’re interested in this upgrade, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Replicon Support.
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Posted 3 months ago

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This sounds like a good idea, but I have a slightly different need.  We sometimes have employees (either full-time or part-time) that work for us for a while, then leave for a period of time, and subsequently come back to work for us.  A recent example of this was brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic where most of our employees were allowed to work from home, however we had to furlough several that worked in positions that require them to work in our offices and not be able to work from home.  Now that some restriction are being lifted, we want to bring back some of these employees, and want to re-instate them within Replicon.  I don't see a way to have a re-hire date and use the same user name and setup.  Is it possible to handle a situation like this within Replicon?
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Hello Alpan,

Thank you for posting in Replicon Community.

As I correctly understand, you would like to have a rehire date in the user profile.

You may go ahead and create a UDF, in the user profile called re-hire date, and then capture this info.


I hope this helps.

We have also forked this conversation and created a new one, as this is a separate topic.


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Responded to a update

Please reference the new conversation here: How to set up Re-hire date