Celebrate! With new tools to manage holiday bookings

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Many companies need to track holiday time off to ensure payroll is calculated correctly. But, expecting employees to add a booking for every holiday is asking for trouble. Employees often choose the wrong time off type or fail to create holiday bookings altogether.

That’s why we offer automatic addition of holiday bookings. This ensures a booking is created as soon as a timesheet that includes a holiday isgenerated by the system.

Sounds good, right?

It is good, but that’s not the end of the story.

What if you made an error when setting up auto-population, so incorrect bookings were added? Or, maybe users were assigned validations that blocked addition of bookings? Or, perhaps a holiday wasn’t finalized until after timesheets were generated?

If any of those scenarios arise, you have to fix all those bookings, which could mean deleting and regenerating timesheets, one by one. Ouch.

Who knew holidays could be so much trouble?

To help address this issue, we’re adding some tools to make managing holiday bookings easier. Very soon, administrators will be able to:

  • Mass add bookings when you create or edit a holiday
  • Create bookings for all holidays for a single user, in a single step

Plus, payroll managers will have direct access to all holiday bookings in one location, so they can easily delete or edit bookings en masse.

The primary purpose of these tools is to help companies fix booking generation errors more easily. But, they’ll also allow organizations to:

  • More easily account for future holidays when setting up schedules or when resourcing projects, and
  • Manage holiday bookings more easily if they only use time off, and therefore have no option to auto-generate
We’ll let you know when this new functionality is available in Replicon, via the release notes.
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