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Did you know that members of work crews – like construction workers, shipping yard workers, even stage production teams – record their hours differently than the average office worker?

It’s true. Many people who work on crews don’t record their hours themselves. Instead, a crew manager will record time and allocate it to work codes on behalf of the whole crew.

This has some drawbacks. One being, most of these managers are still using paper and pencil to track work hours. They might even be required to calculate overtime by hand! This is time consuming and prone to error.

You’re probably thinking, why don’t they just use an online system like Replicon? Being able to tap into our pay rules – that calculate pay instantly and keep customers labor-law compliant – would certainly be a huge asset.

The problem is, all those timesheets! They’d have to open each individually. Not to mention, crew membership often changes from day to day. So, crew managers might have to re-assign supervisors in Replicon before they can even start recording time.

So, our ‘crew’ here at Replicon has been hard at work coming up with something better.

Introducing, the CREW TIMESHEET!

Crew timesheet is based on our existing timesheet formats – each user still has their own timesheet assigned.

But the crew manager will have a special view that shows a timesheet column for each worker who’s on their site each day, allowing them to record time for many workers, all in one place. This timesheet will be accessible via their phone, tablet, or computer.

They’ll also be able to mass add and allocate hours to the appropriate job codes, saving boatloads of time. Or, the workers can record their hours by punching in and out, and managers can use the crew timesheet to ensure those hours are allocated properly.

Other great benefits?

  • Managers who aren’t at the job site can approve hours instantly

  • Pay is compliant, accurate, and calculated automatically, meaning payroll management costs go down

  • Project managers can track costs in real time, with real data, allowing them to keep costs in check

If you’re interested in learning more about this solution, stay tuned. We’ll be launching in just a few weeks.
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