Boosting security with multi-factor authentication

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Does password security keep you up at night?

One way to help improve the security of your accounts is to use multi-factor authentication (MFA).

As many of you probably know, MFA involves using more than just a password to authenticate. So, it helps block baddies from accessing accounts, even if they somehow manage to uncover user passwords.

At Replicon, we’re working on adding a couple of the most popular MFA methods to our product that you can choose to enable for users:

Email authentication

With this method, when an employee attempts to log in, they’ll be sent an email that includes a verification code. Then, they’ll enter that code on the login page to verify their identity.

  • Won’t this be a hassle? You can choose how often this form of authentication is required – say once every 30 days.
  • Advantage of this method: This option is simple to set up and easy for users new to MFA to understand. Plus, it’s a good option for employees who don’t have a smartphone.

Time-based One-time Password (TOTP)

Users enter a code generated by a third party application when they log in. Codes are constantly changing, making them hard to steal. 

  • Is it hard to use? No, users simply have to enter a code. But, setup for this option may seem less intuitive for new users than email authentication.
  • Advantage of this method: This option is a gold-standard in the ever-changing MFA domain, and it doesn’t require users to log in to email. However, it does involve use of a third-party app, typically installed on a cell phone.

We’ll start releasing these options very soon – we’ll let you know in the release notes when they’re available.
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