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You probably hear about the dangers of online threats like hackers on a daily basis. But unless you’ve been a direct victim of an attack, these threats can seem intangible. And if you actually consider the threat, you may feel overwhelmed and avoid taking action.

So how should you handle online security?

First, acknowledge the reality. There are hackers out there working to break through your defenses and steal sensitive data.

And recognize that your Replicon accounts may include sensitive data you want to protect – like your clients’ billing information, payroll data, or sometimes even social security numbers.

Next, don’t panic! There are tools and strategies available that can greatly reduce your risk.

Commonly recommended practices include:

  • Enforcing use of long and complex passwords - The more complex your password, the lower its probability of being guessed. Plus, hackers generally try the most commonly-used passwords first. So, complex passwords = safer accounts.

  • Requiring use of multi-factor (or 2-step) authentication - MFA adds another layer of protection to accounts, so if a password is somehow discovered, hackers have another hurdle to clear before they can get to your data.

  • Enabling account lockout* - Brute force attack means hackers try loads and loads of passwords until they arrive at one that works. Locking accounts after a certain number of failed login attempts can thwart this kind of attack since it limits the number of ‘tries’ a hacker can make.

  • Enabling IP filtering* - If you only allow access to your accounts from within your network, hackers without insider access have no opportunity to stage an attack.

As the old adage says, in the end, you only regret the things you didn’t do. So, make use of these tools and protect your accounts.

*These options will soon be available in Replicon.
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