Better API documentation, links to new stuff, WCF compatibility

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Just posting some ideas, related to numerous issues I ended up having while attempting integrations:

#1: Make it easier to find out which platform we are on. Almost all the online documentation was for the v2 API, and when I finally implemented it, the only clue that I was on the wrong track was that it responded that the company could not be found in the database!

#2: Make sure older documentation says somewhere that there is a new version of the API

#3: Document some of the weirder parts in particular. For example, when you are filtering on a report, in order to filter on a date range, you have to add the date filter three times: once blank, once for the start range, once for the end range. Nobody is going to guess this :)

#4: Have the ability to talk to the API using WCF (Add Service Reference instead of the resoundingly deprecated Add Web Reference). WCF has been around ever since .NET 4.0, and the 2.x web service calls from C# that Replicon supports natively are deeply hidden in a "compatibility" section. It seems like WCF should be able to talk to it, but that it may require either a special example (for the pre-authentication support, for example) or some tweak in the Replicon API security to make it happier to talk to WCF.

That's... all I had for now :)

-- Ritchie Annand
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for suggesting the improvements to our API documentation. We will have this forwarded to our respective team and will update the thread with progress.

Aashnee Kamboj
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At the outset, I apologize for the (really) long turnaround here.

I also apologize for the fact that you had to spend a lot of time working with our older version before you moved to the new version. The older version documentation is now accessible only on request, and the publicly available documentation on our website is related solely to our current version. So you (or anyone else) should not be facing this problem anymore.

With regards to documentation, we have some help and examples, which is good to get customers going. If customers do face issues or have questions beyond what is in the document, our support team is available, based on your support contract, to help with those questions. Infact, we have a dedicated team that is available to answer API related questions. Between the existing documentation and them, we have seen that almost all our customers using the API, are able to write all the code they need. 

That said, enhancing the API's documentation is an on-going process, which we are addressing continuously. However, it will be difficult for us to address the entire breadth of functionality that the API provides, and the different waysa clients can connect to the API. So, while we do the best we can, I would encourage you to get help from our support wherever you have questions.

Once again, very sorry for the late response.