" All user" assigned when creating a new project

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When we are creating a new Project, I observed by default, it assigns " All Users" to it. How can we disable this assignment. Ideally, we would not like a Project to have " All Users" as by default assignment. Screenshot attached for reference.
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Sateesh Narayan

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Posted 3 years ago

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Aashnee Kamboj, Community Moderator

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Hi Sateesh,

Thank you for using the Replicon Community!

We can look at this further. In the mean time, you can try adding projects using our Replicon Import Addin (RIA). When you create a new project using RIA, All Users entity is not added by default.

Aashnee Kamboj
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Sateesh Narayan

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Hi Aashnee,

Thanks for your prompt response. Do you still suggest that I should be using RIA tool when I'm adding one single Project. I dont think that is really required. Let me know your thoughts.

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Aashnee Kamboj, Community Moderator

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HI Sateesh,

We are looking through the same. You can use RIA as a workaround.

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Hi Aashnee, has this been fixed?  How can we disable the default of assigning "All Users" on project creation?
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Holmes, Jamie

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I really agree with Sateesh's request - this has been one of the main issues with Replicon since we started using it over 4 years ago. The issue that this causes is that if you forget to delete "All users" then anyone you then assign to the project with a specific rate now has the option of using the rate assigned to "All users" and the user rate - inevitably the one assigned to all users is the project rate which has not been set correctly, but is the one all my team end up using (sod's law) and we end up not billing - this happens so often and it seems such a simple config setting to allow this to be default or not - PLEASE!!!!
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Lo, Wai

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I too agree, this has been raised as a business requirement by our senior management team.

The main attraction of Replicon is the ability to restrict access to projects and tasks giving us better control than our previous timesheet system.

It is therefore very strange that the default is to grant all users access to a project / task upon creation.

We are currently using Gen4 and I have granted line managers permission to assign resources to tasks as they see fit.  So having a default of no users assigned would work better for us or perhaps give administrators the ability to define the default setting.

Please can this be re-considered for future releases. 
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Meyer, Philipp

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Upvote for this - we see the very same issues described by Jamie Holmes and it would make our lives easier if this "All users"-default would be removed!
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I agree, removing the default of "All Users" will reduce the number of issues we see.
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Jeanne Bovenkerk

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I came up with a workaround using Gen3 Replicon that might help some of you. I created a template project that I keep in Replicon's "Tentative" status. Every time I create a new project, I go to the project I call "Template - Project X" and copy it and it keeps the distribution list I formerly set.  I have multiple templates for various purposes.  Certain fields such as the project description field don't carry over and the project manager always defaults to me when I copy but I live with that for now.  
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Drema Herron

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This is our solution as well. As long as the templates are used properly it works very well. A team can set up a template that has their team members included, and assigned to the appropriate tasks. Copying the template makes project set up much cleaner and smoother. We use a lot of custom fields in the Project Info screen, so going there to populate those and reassign the PM if necessary is a routine part of the process. Saves a lot of work over starting a project from scratch.
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Barker, Dan

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This has been around for 2 years and there is still no way to change the default all user setting?