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Disable Timesheet Task Selection
We currently do not use tasks within projects.  Is there a way we can eliminate this from the Project selection in the Timesheets. For ex...
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Future Time Off is not considered on the Booking Summary Screen
Gen 3 Time Off Policy is set to disallow any negative balances.  Employee has 40 hours of time off remaining as of today Employee has re...
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View full teams time off
Our managers would like to be able to see their full teams time off rather than just their direct reports. This is important so that holi...
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Viewing Others Time Off Calendar Permission
It's problematic that the permission to view other employees Time Off is limited to all or nothing. This should be controlled by departme...
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New iPhone App "Dashboard Inbox" just spins and does nothing. Why?
The new iPhone app "Dashboard Inbox" just spins and does nothing.  It is confusing to my users because they are waiting for something to ...
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Reporting on Custom Time Sheet Field
We currently have two custom time sheet fields related to hours adjustments from previous time sheet period.  There are instances where t...
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